About Me

Life is beautiful and I am going to capture as much of it as I can

– Fabian –

Fabian Lozano is a highly skilled photographer based in Houston, Texas, with a particular focus on capturing the excitement and energy of live concerts. He has been the in-house photographer for the Houston Arena Theater since 2006, where he has honed his craft by photographing some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Over the years, Fabian has built a reputation for his ability to capture stunning, dynamic images of performers in action. His passion for music and his love of photography have come together to create a body of work that truly captures the essence of the concert experience.

In addition to concert photography, Fabian is also a versatile photographer who is skilled in a variety of other genres. He has shot sports, product photography, weddings, Quinceanera’s, and life events, all with the same attention to detail and artistic flair that he brings to his concert photography.

Fabian’s work has been published in many magazines. His images have also been used by many artists on social media, where they have garnered thousands of likes and shares.

With his keen eye for detail and his ability to capture the moment, Fabian Lozano has established himself as one of Houston’s premier photographers. Whether he’s shooting a concert or a wedding, his passion for photography shines through in every image he captures.